A New Sustainable Solution With Softwash

At Primus®, our purpose is simple and clear. We offer innovative and eco-friendly technologies that
meet the needs of our customers – and our world.

We value the planet and its resources, which is why we provide dependable, efficient equipment
with green cleaning solutions that create a brighter, cleaner future.

With more than 100 years of European ingenuity, we continue to focus on providing you with
cutting-edge equipment. Our latest innovation, SoftWash®, is an environmentally-friendly wet
cleaning solution that gives you a state-of-the-art alternative to dry cleaning.

With SoftWash, you’ll save money by reducing water and energy usage, eliminate costly dry
cleaning chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment and maximize efficiency. Let us
help you expand your business offering, generate new revenue and increase profits with this
exciting new technology.

 The Potentially Harmful Effects Of Dry Cleaning

Perchloroethylene, or Perc, has been the chemical solvent standard used in dry cleaning for nearly 80 years and is used by 80 to 85 percent of U.S. dry cleaners. However, in the last decade, government and health authorities began to recognize Perc as a health hazard if it’s not properly controlled and it has been declared carcinogenic by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The available Perc solvent alternatives are not ideal replacements. They do not provide the same cleaning quality and are not considered greener or safer solutions. The industry is focused on developing alternative cleaning methods that are safe and effective, as dry cleaners may want to reduce the use of the chemical solvents and new legislation will ban dry cleaners in California from using Perc
beginning in 2023.

 A Safer Alternative To Dry Cleaning

Given the potentially harmful effects dry cleaning and its chemicals have on the environment and people, the industry has created new equipment programming, detergents and pre-spotting agents that create a cleaning process that is safe for all garments.

This method of cleaning, called wet cleaning, does not require the same chemicals used in dry cleaning. With the exception of an increased use of water, wet cleaning is profoundly better for the environment and creates a healthier work space for employees.

While it is often more effective in removing water-based stains, it is not an effective method for oil stain removal and there is an increased risk of shrinkage, wrinkling and fading colors. Due to these challenges, we developed SoftWash®, a safer and superior cleaning option.

 Creating a cleaner and greener tomorrow with softwash

SoftWash® is a wet cleaning solution that only uses water and biodegradable detergents, and it provides customers with the same best-in-class results as traditional dry cleaning. Innovative SoftWash equipment programming exceeds customer expectations by providing a kinder wash process and cleaner results.

True to our commitment to the environment, there is no water pollution with SoftWash. This natural, green cleaning process also increases people’s safety by using more eco-friendly detergents, rather than potentially harmful chemical solvents.

 An efficient and effective wet cleaning solution

SoftWash is a revolutionary cleaning solution, offering the safest and most thorough professional cleaning option – no matter what type of garment you’re washing.

It provides exceptional oil stain removal, minimal wrinkling and efficient pre-spotting for fat stains. SoftWash can also clean oil, grease, motor oil, wax and cosmetic stains that cannot be removed with traditional ways of wet cleaning.

SoftWash has a simpler cleaning process that increases efficiency. With SoftWash there is no need to hand-wash garments or hang dry them and no additional time involved in the cleaning process when compared to dry cleaning. The entire cleaning process takes about one hour from start to finish.

When set side by side with traditional wet cleaning, SoftWash stands superior.

 The benefits are better with softwash

SoftWash® equipment costs 20 to 30 percent less than traditional dry cleaning equipment and has an
easy installation process without restrictions. Another significant benefit of SoftWash is that your capital
costs can be lowered by 50 percent compared to the cost of traditional dry cleaning equipment.

SoftWash consistently performs, providing your customers with outstanding cleaning quality, color
restoration, garment shape maintenance and an odorless wash process. All of these qualities help to
boost your revenue, increase customer satisfaction and give your business an eco-friendly image that
appeals to your community. Additionally, the equipment will improve your business by reducing
energy and water usage, as well as eliminating costly and potentially harmful chemicals.

 Brighten your business with softwash

At Primus®, our purpose is to provide unique laundry solutions that meet your business needs. We aim to provide you with sustainable and smart laundry equipment that delivers unmatched efficiency to boost your bottom line.

We know your customers have a wide range of needs, which is why SoftWash is safe for all kinds of fabrics and any garments you would typically dry clean, from wool suits to silk shirts.

With SoftWash, you can promise your customers brighter colors and whiter whites due to the absence of recycled solvent, which can cause discoloration. Additionally, SoftWash enables you to take advantage of new cleaning opportunities that will generate new revenue, including leather jackets, house textiles, furniture coverings and fire-proof garments.

 The future is fresher with softwash

With increased efficiency, quality results, no harsh chemicals and reduced utilities, SoftWash® is better for your customers and better for your business. This state-of-the-art solution is the most effective form of wet cleaning in the U.S. and will provide your customers with a superior clean, no matter what the garment or stain may be.

With an easy installation and minimal training requirements, your business’s transition to SoftWash will be seamless, while the reduced utilities, improved productivity and wash results will be unparalleled.
By generating new revenue, raising profits and attracting and retaining customers, SoftWash is the technology that will transform your operation into a next generation business for the future.

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