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Gordon and Maria Saggu - Quick Laundry, Chambersburg, PA

Quick Laundry is a coin laundry that is attached to a convenience store in Chambersburg, PA. The owners, Gordon and Maria Saggu, decided to install this laundry after thinking about several ideas to expand their business. The Maytag equipment mix here is diverse, featuring high-efficiency, front load washers, large multi-load washers and multi-load dryers in 30 and 45 pound capacities. In addition to the washers and dryers, the location also features other accessories needed for a laundry operation such as coin changers, folding tables and laundry carts. Equipment Marketers, in Cherry Hill, NJ, sold, installed and is providing Red Carpet service on this equipment.

In this short video, the Saggus share their experiences with Equipment Marketers and their new equipment. Because they have chosen the best energy-efficient Maytag equipment, they know that they are controlling their utility costs, a top operating expense for coin laundries.

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