Customer Testimonials

Since 1945, our company has developed a rich tradition which we are very proud of. Our customers are considered our primary concern and ensuring their satisfaction is the primary goal of each member of our team. 

Find out what our existing customers are saying about Equipment Marketers, the commercial laundry equipment and the superior service that we provide; before, during and after the equipment is delivered.



Equipment Marketers recently installed Primus laundry equipment at the OLE Super Coin Laundry in Allentown, PA. See how the owners and representatives feel about the Primus brand and Equipment Marketers.


Town hair Salon,  Newark DE


I would like to send my thanks to the Equipment Marketers Team. We just recently added a new Continental Washer and a new Commercial Dryer to our Salon. The E.M. Team did a great job on the installation of the two items. At one of the check-ups Greg the E.M. Rep and I spoke about a problem with the laundry and how I needed a longer soaking time for bleaching and the softner. A couple of adjustments were made on the Continental Washer and the problem was taken care of. I no longer have to unplug and plug the washer back in for the soaking cycle. Thanks again Greg and the E. M. Team.

Town Hair Salon - John Holladay

Continental Express Laundry Center - Coin-Operated Laundromat Investment in Bristol PA

In this short video, Mr. Jaydip Patel shares his story and his success with his Continental Express Laundry Center in Bristol, PA. Sold and installed by Equipment Marketers, these new 350 G Force washing machines allows customers to complete their washing and drying in less than one hour!

Equipment Marketers is proud to be a distributor of commercial laundry equipment in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. We provide full-service laundry solutions including equipment sales, service, and parts.

Carroll Villa Hotel, Cape May

"This is a thank you message for Mark and his team for doing a great job putting in new washers and dryers under adverse conditions at the Carroll Villa Hotel, 19 Jackson St, Cape May. The Maytag team spent the better part of two days trying to find the right solution in a historic hotel to mount new equipment on the 2nd floor of our hotel. I believe that your men went above and beyond in trying to come to a positive solution. Thank You." - Mark Kulkowitz

The Glen Mills Schools Video Testimonial  

Equipment Marketers recently installed commercial laundry equipment for The Glen Mills School in Glen Mills, PA. This laundry system is helping the school to save time and utilities, provide a training shop for the students, and consolidate their laundry operations. In addition, Equipment Marketers installed the new Trace-Tech software management system at the location. This system allows for automatic email notification for service issues, saving and modifying wash programs and settings on the PC, and detailed wash cycle analysis of temperature, water usage and processes.

Surati Group Hotel Video Testimonial

Equipment Marketers has helped countless hotel and motel owners improve their laundry operations and help their businesses become more efficient and save money. In this video, Raj Patel of the The Surati Management Group explains how Equipment Marketers was able to provide Maytag commercial laundry equipment to save him 20% on his labor costs, utilities, and chemical costs.

Ironstone Management Video Case Study

"Equipment Marketers recently installed a commercial laundry solution for six apartment complexes owned by a West Philadelphia apartment management company, Ironstone Management. In addition to the best and most efficient Maytag commercial laundry equipment, this laundry solution features a smart debit card system which accepts only credit cards. With this system, residents use a customized web site to purchase a revalue codes with a credit card. This system provides countless benefits including accurate reports of laundry income to owners, instantaneous refunds to tenants over the phone, and no coin jams. This represents the highest technology available in commercial laundry today!"

Louie Tsiris, Western Pennsylvania

Louie Tsiris and his wife Beth own six coin laundries in Western Pennsylvania but it wasn't always that way. Louie Tsiris emigrated to the United States from Greece in 1974 speaking no English and with only $250 in his pocket. After working long hours in the restaurant business for many years, Louie opened his first coin laundry in the basement area of his restaurant. This business proved to be so profitable and involved so much less work that he decided to make it his livelihood. The rest, as they say, is history.

A Business Profile of Louie was recently featured in the CLA's Planet Laundry magazine! Click here to see the issue.

Lynnewood Gardens, Elkins Park, PA

Equipment Marketers partnered with Lynnewood Gardens, the largest garden-style apartment complex in Pennsylvania with 1,800 units, to create a Laundry Center that was convenient for residents to use and an enjoyable place to spend their time. Equipment Marketers installed an easy-to-use debit card system, "connected" the residents to their laundry equipment via an Internet Laundry Monitoring service and features many other Internet features. According to Brian Best, a member of the Leasing Staff at Lynnewood Gardens, "Equipment Marketers worked with us to make our Laundry Center energy-efficient and according to the style we thought our residents would appreciate. They are a large company that had the capability to meet our needs at a personal level." Click here to see the flyer.

Shirley Kantor - Market Square Laundry, Philadelphia, PA

"I depend on my new high-efficiency washers to keep my business thriving. My customers love the new technology. I love the energy savings and 5-year warranty." 

When the parts warranty for Shirley Kantor’s old equipment ran out, she felt it would be best to replace her equipment with the new Maytag high-efficiency washers and she is sure glad that she did! In addition to the superior utility savings and five year parts warranty, these new machines have brought in a whole new customer base. Her customers love the performance and the fact that the new Maytag high-efficiency washers outclean the competition. Click here to see the flyer.

Heng and Houng Ung - Cedar Laundromat, Philadelphia, PA

The Cedar Laundromat is a family-owned coin laundry store located in West Philadelphia. The owners recently replaced their current stacked dryers with new Maytag Energy Advantage MLG33 stacked dryers. They also purchased two Vend-Rite Vision soap vending machines for convenient customer self-service vending of soap, bleach, softener and other laundry products.

Jack and Diane Wilson - Polly's Laundromat, Philadelphia, PA

Polly's Laundromat is located at 1209 South 28th Street in Philadelphia, PA and is owned by Jack Wilson and Diane Hannah-Wilson. Their laundry is fully outfitted with brand new Maytag commercial laundry equipment plus additional laundry equipment supplied by Equipment Marketers.

Steve Banko - Emmaus Avenue Laundromat, Allentown, PA

Steve Banko is owner of two coin laundries in the Allentown area, as well as a thriving Sign Business. His newest Emmaus Avenue store is a 24-hour, fully-featured store which is a model for an efficient and profitable coin store.

Tom and Marlene Morrical - Morrical Laundromat, Titusville, PA

“I am very happy with Maytag and have never considered any other brand of equipment.” Most recently, Rick Tomack of Equipment Marketers sold the Morricals eight Maytag Commercial Energy-Efficient multi-load stack 30-lb. dryers and sixteen single-load Maytag top-load washers. Tom Morrical said, “I knew with utilities rising, it was time to buy the stackable energy saving dryers. My gas bill has been 30% lower with the new equipment and I am saving thousands of gallons of water per month. These savings go right to my bottom line.”

“We have continually re-invested in this all-Maytag store throughout the years, and as a result, we were able to put all four of our children through college with the revenues that we have earned owning this business.”

Read the entire News Release here.

Alvernia University, Reading, PA

“The installation went pretty well today in spite of the room size problems. I really liked the pleasant installers (Pat Hagan & his assistant), that were very inconvenienced by our far-from-perfect room. In addition, it was extremely hot and humid today, but Pat worked away, sweat dripping off his face, without any complaint. I wish all my service people were as pleasant and helpful as he is!!” - Cynthia Urick, Purchasing and Contracts Office

Misericordia University, Dallas, PA

“I just wanted to let you know that I met Pat from Equip. Marketers, earlier this morning at the Beaumont Inn in reference to the washer & dryer install...thanks again for your prompt response, as we are very appreciative! Also, I just wanted to let you know that you and Equipment Marketers are well represented by Pat, he is a true gentleman - professional, courteous and very cooperative! Thanks again!”  - Thomas Kane, Purchasing Manager

Highland Hall Apartments, Upper Darby, PA

“Thanks for mailing $2.00 I lost in the machine. It was not necessary. Over many years, on the rare occasions when a machine malfunctions, I have never ceased to be amazed at what a great company you are to do business with. I always get to speak to live people who are knowledgeable and come across genuinely interested in helping their customers. These qualities are truly rare in this day and age. Most important, you always follow through with fast, dependable service. I am impressed and I am not one who is easily impressed!” - Bruce V., Resident of Highland Hall Apts.

Equipment Marketers has been providing laundry equipment at this location since 1975.

Ron Baird - Littlestown Laundry Center, Littlestown, PA

"Just thought I'd take a minute to say how pleased I was with my purchase of a Maytag washer. The install crew did a truly professional job. They were very particular about the install and very concerned about my being pleased with my equipment. They had installed my washers I bought about 3 years ago and I was pleased then. They are definitely an asset to your company!!!! Vicki also was outstanding about getting me what I wanted and getting a great price Thanks to all!"

Juan and Yolanda Cortes - Family Laundry, Vineland, NJ

"We just traded-in all of our recently purchased front-loaders for nineteen Maytag 35-lb. soft-mounts and eleven 18-lb. Maytag washers. Our customers love them and we love them." say owners Juan and Yolanda Cortes. "Customers say they get a cleaner wash and are able to do their laundry in less time. We are especially pleased to be able to hook-up the automatic soap dispensing which allows our customers to buy soap and softener at the machine, providing us with more profits while keeping our store cleaner and avoiding oversudsing. Our sales went way up and our costs went way down.
Thank you, Equipment Marketers!"

Wes & Kathy Phoenix - West Side Laundra-Max, Lewistown, PA

Wes Phoenix said the primary reason he decided to re-equip his entire coin laundry with the new, more energy efficient Maytag washers and dryers was because of his desire to control rising utility costs which threatened the store's profitability. Since completing the remodeling, the problem with utility expense has been resolved. Thanks to the new Maytag equipment, in a three month period, he said his utility costs have declined to less than 25 percent of sales volume vs. 37.5 percent in the comparable year-ago period. One example: the store consumed 28,000 less gallons of water in the three month time period compared to the same time period last year while doing nearly twice the volume of business.

Jay E. Sporl, Jr. - Seashore Campsites, Cape May, NJ

"I would highly recommend Equipment Marketers' services and Maytag commercial washers and dryers. The three main areas of this company that really impress me are service, equipment and financial return.
Thank you, Equipment Marketers!"