In Touch, On the Go,
With Maytag Connect 360°™


Now it’s easier than ever to run a profitable business—from your desk or on the go. Maytag Connect 360°™ puts a full set of management and feedback features at your fingertips to give you full control of your Maytag® machines from wherever you may be. Utilizing the Maytag Connect 360° devices on your machines, real-time information can be immediately accessed via our cloud-based system from anywhere you have access to the Internet. You can easily connect using your computer, tablet or smartphone. You’re free to go while Maytag Connect 360° makes your business more profitable and easier to manage.


Machine Maintenance—Keep Ahead of the Game

View status and cycle counts to manage efficiency. Real-time error logs help identify patterns so you can take preventive service measures.


Pricing Management—Maximize Your Profits

Take advantage of use patterns and targeted timing to set special pricing for peak business hours. Change price settings whenever you want, from wherever you are.


Remote Notifications—Keep in the Loop

Set alerts to your preference—either text or email—and receive instant notifications when a machine needs maintenance.


Report Creation—Get All the Details

Download machine and payment data allowing for countless ways to analyze your business. Run your operation leaner, smarter and better.


End User Experience—Satisfy Your Customers

With an easy-to-use mobile site, your customers can check on the availability of machines and receive a text when a machine is available or their laundry is complete.