EM News 2014

Ironstone Management Video Case Study

Equipment Marketers recently installed a commercial laundry solution for six apartment complexes owned by a West Philadelphia apartment management company, Ironstone Management. In addition to the best and most efficient Maytag commercial laundry equipment, this laundry solution features a smart debit card system which accepts only credit cards. 

With this system, residents use a customized web site to purchase a revalue codes with a credit card. Then, they apply these codes to their smart card with the Revalue unit in the laundry room. This system provides countless benefits including accurate reports of laundry income to owners, instantaneous refunds to tenants over the phone, and no coin jams. This represents the highest technology available in commercial laundry today! 

In this short video, Walker Gilmore from Ironstone Management and Larry LaMaina from Equipment Marketers speak about the new laundry system and the benefits it provides to the apartment complex and its residents.

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