Lease with Service

With Equipment Marketers Smart Solutions™ program we have the laundry solution that meets your multiple housing laundry needs! Why buy equipment that will cost you time and labor to maintain? Let Equipment Marketers install brand new equipment, service, and provide you the majority of the income with validated income reporting. We offer attractive leasing programs with the highest commissions paid to owners for new Maytag Commercial laundry equipment. Equipment Marketers' award-winning Red Carpet Service is included so that you have the equipment you need and the service that your residents expect.

Inquire about Maytag Connect 360°™, the hassle-free laundry management system that allows residents to view laundry equipment availability remotely and receive text or email notification of equipment availability. No more calls from residents about machines malfunctioning, our machines will report service issues wirelessly to Equipment Marketers' Service Department! Service coding allows our technicians to even arrive prepared with the correct parts so that machines are repaired in the first visit. Cycles are reported wirelessly to cloud-based software to generate expected income reports. Sit back and let your machines do the talking!