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Equipment Marketers offers:

The complete line of Commercial Coin and Card-Operated Laundry Equipment for your self-service laundry. With the best warranties in the business, our Commercial Laundry equipment is superior in its performance and ruggedness. Remotely change vend prices, evaluate your earnings, all accessible via the internet. Together with Equipment Marketers, providing unmatched distributor support, your Laundromat is equipped for success!

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Equipment Marketers offers:

  • The Lowest Financing Rates available;

  • 90 Days Labor and the best Manufacturer's Parts Warranties;

  • Laundry Design and Layout;

  • Support for your Business - Service Schools, Discount Service Rates, Complete Décor and Signage Design Packages;

  • Decades of Expertise in the Laundry Industry!

Louie Tsiris and his wife Beth own six coin laundries in Western Pennsylvania. In this short video, Louie shares his story and his experiences with Equipment Marketers. Because he has chosen the best Maytag equipment, he knows that the machines have the efficiency, durability and dependability that his business needs.