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Heng and Houng Ung - Cedar Laundromat, Philadelphia, PA

The Cedar Laundromat is a family-owned coin laundry store located in West Philadelphia. The owners, Heng & Houng Ung, recently replaced their current stacked dryers with brand new Maytag Energy Advantage MLG33 stacked dryers. They also purchased two Vend-Rite Vision soap vending machines for convenient customer self-service vending of soap, bleach, softener and other laundry products. Equipment Marketers, in Cherry Hill, NJ, sold, installed and is providing Red Carpet service on this equipment.

Because of these new Maytag dryers, they are experiencing lower gas bills and increased foot traffic in their store. Their new Vend-Rite vending equipment increases convenience for their customers and increases profit for the store.

In this short video, the Ungs share their experiences with Equipment Marketers and their new equipment. Because they have chosen the best energy-efficient Maytag equipment, they know that they are controlling their utility costs, a top operating expense for coin laundries.

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