Campus Card Systems


Equipment Marketers has been working in the field of card systems since the inception of card systems for college laundry equipment. We pioneered one of the first on-line debit card systems in our nation in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. 

Equipment Marketers is still on the forefront of this emerging field and we have designed and installed debit card systems for schools and universities with most all of the various card systems in the industry. We have worked extensively with Blackboard, The CBORD Group, Heartland Campus Solutions, ITC Systems, Debitek, Diebold, DANYL Corporation, Schlumberger Inc., and Greenwald to integrate their card systems with our Maytag Commercial laundry equipment. 

We have always had a hands-on approach and have trained our personnel with the manufacturers to maintain the highest level of customer service. Our staff is outfitted with the latest troubleshooting procedures and equipment to quickly locate and repair the rare card system issue. Our maintenance schedule includes periodic testing of the equipment, cleaning card swipers (if applicable) and making sure that the equipment is programmed correctly to work with the card reader units.

The setup of the card reader units can be overwhelming with a myriad of options and specific settings to work properly with our equipment. Equipment Marketers has been through this process many times and we have the experience and know-how to program these units properly. We also work very closely with the One Card office and IT Department to make sure that this knowledge is shared with the University personnel.
With this level of support, your debit card system has a guarantee of success!

Whether it’s the design and recommendation of a debit card system, the installation of card systems, wiring and programming, or the support and enhancement of the debit card system, Equipment Marketers has the knowledge, technical savvy and personnel support to meet any and all of the University’s needs. We are very proud of the work that we’ve done and look forward to providing laundry and debit card support.