Equipment Marketers - Campus/College Laundry Equipment

For over thirty years, Equipment Marketers has partnered with academic communities to provide total laundry solutions to students residing there.

Equipment Marketers supplies only Maytag Commercial laundry equipment, the most energy-efficient washers and dryers available. We provide only Maytag factory-trained technicians to install and service equipment. And with new Maytag Connect 360, Equipment Marketers Service Department will know when equipment has an issue before students even have a chance to report it.

Connect 360 is a wireless, cloud-based software system that alerts Equipment Marketers as soon as a machine has a service code and provides detailed information on cycles run and income derived for complete accountability. In addition, students can remotely view the availability of machines in the laundry room before going there, receive text or email notification when a machine becomes available or their wash/dry cycle is complete. Let your machines do the talking.

Equipment Marketers also has a complete promotions package to introduce a new laundry system to students. From signage to training, this is an entirely customized package to meet the needs and specific systems installed at your institution. 


Below is a video that was created by a student for a Laundry Video Contest that Equipment Marketers developed at Lehigh University. The students entered a competition to create the most informative, correct and entertaining video about ‘How to do your Laundry’. Equipment Marketers produced a customized website, eblasts and posters about the contest and awarded a $1,000 grand prize for the winning video below and $500 for the second runner up. Equipment Marketers can work with your school to develop creative marketing plans to promote your schools laundry facilities!