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Oldest Original Maytag-Equipped Coin Laundry Store Goes Energy-Efficient

Many people reading this story will not know where Titusville, Pennsylvania is located or what it is known for but this small town made big history years ago. Titusville is just slightly east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was the birthplace of oil.

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Discovered by Colonel Edwin Drake in 1859, it launched the modern petroleum industry as we know it, changing the world forever. One hundred fifty years later, we are looking for the most efficient ways to use this precious resource that we have come to rely on so heavily and Titusville Maytag Coin-Op Laundromat owners, Tom and Marlene Morrical, are doing just that!

This couple is making history of their own, having been in business for 48 years, their store is one of the original Maytag Coin Laundry Stores in the U.S. Opened in 1960, the Titusville Maytag Coin-Op Laundromat has been equipped with Maytag commercial laundry equipment and has been a mainstay of the community since then. The Morricals have re-equipped the store four times over the years and every time they have only used Maytag Commercial laundry equipment. Said Morrical, "I am very happy with Maytag and have never considered any other brand of equipment."

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The 400 sq. ft. Maytag Coin-Op Laundromat in Titusville has sixteen Maytag top-load washers, two Maytag 30-lb. front-load washers, and eight Maytag 30-lb. stacked dryers.

Most recently, Rick Tomack of Equipment Marketers Maytag in Cherry Hill, New Jersey sold the Morricals Maytag Commercial Energy-Efficient multi-load stack 30-lb. dryers and sixteen single-load Maytag top-load washers. Tom Morrical said, "I knew with utilities rising, it was time to buy the stackable energy saving dryers. My gas bill has been 30% lower with the new equipment and I am saving thousands of gallons of water per month. These savings go right to my bottom line."

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Saving energy and specifically, gas, has become so important to coin laundry store owners. According to a Coin Laundry Association 2008 Survey, more than 88% of coin laundry store owners cited the high cost of utilities as the biggest problem they are facing in their business. That is one of the central reasons the Morricals purchased the new Maytag 30-lb. stacked dryer from Equipment Marketers. The MLG33 dryer's exclusive, energy-efficient design has been proven in comparative tests to outperform the competition and potentially reduce utility bills by 25%.

A history buff, Tom Morrical appreciates the history that his town has and the history that his store has. "When the Maytag Coin-Op Laundromat opened in Titusville in the 1960's," he says, "the machines were priced at $0.20 to wash and $0.10 to dry and they only operated using tickets instead of coins back then!"

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The Maytag Coin-Op Laundromat is self-service and open 24 hours a day in Titusville. Tom Morrical, now 75 years old, visits his free-standing store twice a day to socialize with customers whom he knows by name. The Morricals are energetic and have lived to see their coin laundry store be a thriving one for many years.

Said Morrical, "We have continually re-invested in this all-Maytag store throughout the years, and as a result, we were able to put all four of our children through college with the revenues that we have earned owning this business." That is history well worth learning.

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