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Equipment Marketers Awards Red Carpet Service Award for 2011

CHERRY HILL, New Jersey (November 10, 2011) — Equipment Marketers is very fortunate to have a remarkable team of technicians, installers, and office personnel which provide knowledgeable support for customers and enables the company to continue to grow, securing a workplace for the future. One of the most important aspects of providing customer service lies in the hands of our technicians, installers, and office personnel on the front lines of the company.

We have come to realize that Service is not really a department, but an attitude encompassing the whole company. Superior service can only be provided with an attitude of responsiveness to customers, efficiency in practice and professionalism in our interactions. Continuing to meet the required criteria of Maytag's Red Carpet Service program with efficient communications and adherence to company policy and procedures makes our team #1 in Red Carpet Service for our customers and to Maytag.

This year we congratulate…:


Pictured (left to right): John Risley, Jay Davidson, and Cindy McGory

Pictured (left to right): John Risley, Jay Davidson, and Cindy McGory

John Risley continues to go out of his way for Equipment Marketers. He strives to give exemplary customer service to both our routes and customers. His thoroughness on the job and the level of service he provides is an example of the Red Carpet Service we all try to achieve. Without complaint, he unselfishly will perform any task assigned to him.

This year we are pleased to present a second recipient for providing outstanding Red Carpet Service. Cindy McGory is an asset to the company, providing professional customer service and following through on all aspects of the job, assuring positive results. Cindy is a team player, handling situations as they arise, in a positive responsible manner. Her attention to detail has proven to be instrumental in keeping records accurate and keeping all relevant information up to date and documented. She is very acceptable to changes and new technology, learning quickly & implementing into her daily duties.

About Equipment Marketers: In business since 1945, Equipment Marketers is an expert in the design and development of Maytag® Commercial Equipped Laundromats in the Mid-Atlantic area. Maytag's dependability for quality equipment is matched only by Equipment Marketers' reputation for superior Red Carpet Service and customer support. Equipment Marketers' specialized sales representatives can provide broad-based knowledge in successful commercial laundry development, including information on demographics, store layout, laundry accessories and the proper mix of equipment. Equipment Marketers also distributes the highest technology in credit/smart card programs, online laundry monitoring systems, and other ancillary laundry supplies. The company's extensive parts warehouse and personalized attention are just a few reasons why people have continued to patronize Equipment Marketers for over a half a century. 

For more information on Equipment Marketers' products and services, call 800.223.1376 or visit www.equipmentmarketers.net.