EM News 2014

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The Hometown Market convenience store in Atlantic City, N.J., was hit hard in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy.

So hard, in fact, co-owners Ketul Patel, Mayur Patel and Dipak Goswami needed to completely rebuild the 3,600-square-foot building, which previously housed both the convenience store and a storage facility for perishable goods.

However, when rebuilding, the owners looked to turn the storage area into a more usable space for the community. And they opted for a self-service laundry.

"It was important to us to invest in the community, to help it recover after the destruction caused by
Hurricane Sandy;' Patel said. "There was need for a coin laundry in the area:'

The 1 ,200-square-foot Maytag Equipped laundry features 17 washers and 24 high-efficiency dryers.

In addition to helping the community, by opting to build a laundry, the owners were able to diversify and balance their portfolio.

"We're excited about the possible business opportunities that come with expanding our investments;' Patel added. "The laundry business is a steady business and a great opportunity for us at this time:'

Equipment Marketers, based in Cherry Hill, N.J., assisted the laundry owners with their new venture.