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The Green Coin Laundry Store: Cleaner Clothes Using Less Energy

CHERRY HILL, NJ - On Thursday, May 1st, Equipment Marketers will be introducing the "Green Coin Laundry Store" concept at the Coin Laundry Trade Show and Service Seminar being held at the company's headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Equipment Marketers is showing how the environmentally conscious "Green Coin Laundry Store" is a win-win situation for both the consumer and the owner of the store. The consumer wants superior washing results while conserving energy. The owner, who is essentially selling utilities, wants to use the most energy efficient equipment to increase profitability. Utilities are the single greatest expense for operating a coin laundry store. Equipment Marketers will be showcasing the newest and most energy efficient washing machines and dryers available for coin laundry stores. This energy-efficient equipment uses significantly less water and gas and reduces sewer demands than previous models.

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Home washing machines typically consume 30 to 40 gallons of water per wash load, or 2.5 to 3.0 gallons per pound of clothes laundered. High-efficiency, commercial clothes washers found in self-service laundries typically use as little as 0.5 to 1.5 gallons of water per pound of clothes laundered. Coupled with the fact that people can use large-capacity washers to wash up to four to five loads of laundry at one time in most coin laundry stores, the average coin laundry can save their community millions of gallons of water over the course of a year. In addition, energy-efficient commercial laundry equipment will preserve clothes so that people can wear their clothes longer. The washing machine's high-speed extraction, used to spin more water out of the clothes, also takes more stains and dirt out of the clothes and actually makes the clothes drier before they go into the dryer, so that clothes don't get tumbled and baked in the heat as long.

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Equipment Marketers will be showcasing the "Green Coin Laundry Store" and the latest equipment for the environmentally conscious at the company's Trade Show and Service Seminar. Equipment Marketers Trade Show and Service Seminar is the premier event for owners of coin laundry stores or people looking to enter the coin laundry business as it is the only event of its kind offered in the tri-state area. There will be one-day-only reduced prices on all laundry equipment and two high-efficiency washing machines will be raffled off to coin laundry store owners that day. Attendees can mingle with other coin store owners, visit with vendors to talk to them about all of the latest products for coin laundry stores from soap dispensers to debit equipment, and learn to fix their own equipment from a Maytag factory representative. The Maytag Repairman, Clay Jackson will even be at the Trade Show for pictures and autographs!

Equipment Marketers is an exclusive distributor of Maytag Commercial laundry equipment and has been in business since 1945. For more information on the "Green Coin Laundry Store" or Equipment Marketers 2008 Trade Show and Service Seminar, please call Richard LaMaina at (800) 223-1376 or visit www.equipmentmarketers.net.