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Equipment Marketers featured in The APTS buying guide

Originally published by The APTS Magazine, February 2012
The APTS 2012 Property Management Buying Guide

Are you looking for Cutting Edge Laundry Facilities for your apartment or condominium complex? Do you want a premium common area amenity for your residents? Contact Equipment Marketers to learn about the latest commercial laundry equipment and technology available to make doing laundry easier for residents and increase the bottom line for your laundry operation.

Equipment Marketers recently re-equipped the Laundry Center at Lynnewood Gardens, Pennsylvania's largest garden-style apartment complex. Equipment Marketers provided brand new, top-of-the-line Maytag Commercial Energy-Efficient Front-Load Washers and Stainless Steel Commercial Dryers, shown to reduce gas consumption. Equipment Marketers also installed the newest credit and debit card processing program so that cash could be eliminated from the laundry. Included with this technology is an instant refund program where refunds are instantaneously redeemed onto the card for immediate customer satisfaction.

Residents also enjoy the new laundry notification program in which residents are able to check a website and see if a machine is free before taking their laundry to the room. They can also check when their laundry is done and receive a text or email notification when finished. Value can be added to laundry cards and service on machines requested through the same website.”

Equipment Marketers promoted the new Laundry Center with a grand opening, handing out free soap and cards with value on them to every resident. "The Lynnewood Gardens Laundry Center grand opening was received by residents very well," stated the Lynnewood Gardens' management team, "The modern facility, both in design and function, created tremendous excitement for everybody involved."

If you think that your laundry needs updating, contact Equipment Marketers, your authorized Maytag distributor in Pennsylvania. There is no investment necessary and Equipment Marketers provides the best commissions in the business!

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About Equipment Marketers: In business since 1945, Equipment Marketers is an expert in the design and development of Maytag® Commercial Equipped Laundromats in the Mid-Atlantic area. Maytag's dependability for quality equipment is matched only by Equipment Marketers' reputation for superior Red Carpet Service and customer support. Equipment Marketers' specialized sales representatives can provide broad-based knowledge in successful commercial laundry development, including information on demographics, store layout, laundry accessories and the proper mix of equipment. Equipment Marketers also distributes the highest technology in credit/smart card programs, online laundry monitoring systems, and other ancillary laundry supplies. The company's extensive parts warehouse and personalized attention are just a few reasons why people have continued to patronize Equipment Marketers for over a half a century. 

For more information on Equipment Marketers' products and services, call 800.223.1376 or visit www.equipmentmarketers.net.