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Turning low-tech laundry rooms into high-tech amenities.

January 29 - February 11, 2015

Written by Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal Staff

Larry LaMaina Equipment Marketers

Larry LaMaina
Equipment Marketers

Equipment Marketers, the leading commercial laundry distributor in the mid-Atlantic Region, is turning low-tech apartment laundry rooms into high-tech amenities. Two new systems enable residents to pay via credit card and be connected to their laundry equipment – Clothespin and Maytag Connect 360°. With these systems, residents can download an app to their smartphone and use it to pay for washer and dryer cycles. The Clothespin App is free to download from any app store on any smartphone. There is no need for any additional equipment or card machines, this exclusive technology is included on brand new Maytag Commercial washers and dryers. 

In conjunction with another new technology from Maytag Commercial, Maytag Connect 360°, residents can log onto a secure website for their building, see the availability of laundry machines and even choose one or more machines to alert them when the machines are available or a cycle is complete via text message or email. “Residents will love these new systems as they eliminate wasted trips to the laundry room, never have to look for money to operate the machines, and bring an element of safety to the laundry rooms,” said Larry LaMaina, director of Multiple Housing for Equipment Marketers, “If there is a service issue, the residents can also communicate through the Maytag Connect 360 service to report a machine out of order. No more searching for coins, never going to the laundry room and finding the machines all in use,” said LaMaina, “These are things that residents want and to just get the laundry done. No hassles or inconveniences.” Equipment Marketers equips thousands of apartment laundry rooms throughout the Mid-Atlantic states and also universities and schools. Equipment Marketers has the expertise to provide the latest technology solutions. Innovative laundry monitoring systems and cashless payment systems are what all the multiple housing complexes are seeking today! Equipment Marketers will provide large Maytag Commercial front-load washing machines and dryers, the most energy-efficient equipment to save owners on utility costs. Owners also benefit from the ease of doing laundry with increased turnaround and profits, they receive the majority of income along with transparent reporting, and a secure cashless environment discouraging vandalism and theft.