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January 4, 2019

By Katie Weitzman, VP, Equipment Marketers

Katie Weitzman, VP

Katie Weitzman, VP

Lynnewood Gardens Apartments:
Apartment Units ‘With Extras’

At the Lynnewood Gardens Apartments in Elkins Park, PA, better rental living is a way of life and extras come standard. As the largest garden style apartment complex in Pennsylvania, Lynnewood Gardens offers newly renovated apartment units, beautiful playgrounds for children and dogs, free shuttle buses, on call professional service teams, a modern fitness facility, and a state of the art Laundry Center. And of course Equipment Marketers, a laundry equipment company based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey with over 70 years experience in the commercial laundry equipment industry, was called upon early in 2018 to re-equip and design this Laundry Center.

The Laundry Center serves 1,800 apartment units so this is not the usual apartment building laundry facility. This is essentially a commercial laundromat being used every day all day long. Equipment Marketers equipped the Laundry Center with 28 brand new commercial stainless steel front-load washers, six 30-pound capacity stainless steel heavy duty washer/extractors, and sixteen 30-pound capacity large stainless steel stack dryers.

The abundance of equipment guarantees that there is machine availability to residents even at busiest times. The large multi-load laundry equipment ensures that residents bringing in multiple loads of laundry can wash and dry them all at the same time and only use one washer and one dryer to do so. Residents will get all their laundry done faster, never having to wait for a machine. Programmed pricing changes allows for lower vend prices on slower laundry days helping to encourage greater usage then. For additional convenience, Equipment Marketers ‘connected’ the residents to the Laundry Center via an Internet Laundry Monitoring Service. Residents can use a website to view what machines are available in the Laundry Center before they bring their clothes there, and they can even receive a text message or email when their cycle is finished. Equipment Marketers is remotely notified about service issues as well. According to Brian Best, a member of the Leasing Staff at Lynnewood Gardens, “Equipment Marketers worked with us to make our Laundry Center energy-efficient and according to the style we thought our residents would appreciate. They are a large company that had the capability to meet our needs at a personal level.”

Residents do not even need to search for coins to do their laundry. The Laundry Center is equipped with credit and debit processing or residents can go online to add value to their smart cards. Quick and easy instantaneous refunds are available by calling Equipment Marketers’ Customer Care Center. While waiting for their laundry, they can relax on the comfortable furniture and watch one of the four 42-inch flat screen televisions in the room or utilize the free WiFi. The room and equipment chosen were designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, with the most energy-efficient, top-ofthe-line stainless steel equipment, stainless steel ceiling fans, granite countertops and numerous folding tables available. For apartment complexes such as Lynnewood Gardens, Equipment Marketers has the ability to design and develop a laundry facility with the latest technology and equipment, while also providing generous commissions and lowering the complex’s utility costs with energy-saving equipment.

“This has been a mutually beneficial venture with Lynnewood Gardens,” said Larry LaMaina, director of multiple housing for Equipment Marketers, who negotiated the partnership. “This is a laundry concept other management companies have been extremely interested in for their properties.” Equipment Marketers has been in business since 1945 and sells and leases Commercial Laundry Equipment to multiple housing complexes, coin laundry stores and for on-premise locations including hotels, nursing homes, and restaurants. Equipment Marketers is a full-service laundry solutions provider of leading brands of laundry equipment, a warehouse with over $1 million worth of factory-authorized parts and factory-trained service, installation and technical teams prepared to handle any service issue, and all of the latest laundry technologies including debit cards and credit card processing, laundry internet monitoring and laundry payment apps for mobile phones.